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A Short Story: A Life in a Day – Chapter Six: THIS IS NORMAL

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Ja’Quiera jumped out of the bus and raced home.  How could the day get worse?  But then, how could it get better?  She’d accomplished the task of being accepted by her peers, but now what must she do to be one of them?  It appeared to her that she must commit that term ‘used‘ and put it to its use.  But she didn’t want to be pregnant!  How was she supposed to live a normal life if she ruined it by spoiling her virginity!  These thoughts and questions raced through her head, so much so that a headache formed.  She went into her bedroom and laid her head down on her yellow pillow.  She slipped off her pants and fell asleep.


Quiera!  Get yo butt up!”  Was what the girl woke up to.

She bolted upright from her covers and saw her mother screaming in the doorway with a bottle in her hand, a joint in the other.  Ja’Quiera knew all too well what this meant–her mother was drunk and high.  Danger.

She wondered if her mother wanted something or was just here to beat on her daughter.  She located her pants and grabbed her backpack, nonchalantly preparing to dart out of the house if she felt threatened.

“Quiera, what you doin’ sleepin’ gurrl?  I thote I tol’ you too–”  She tripped over her own feet and nearly fell as she was coming towards the frightened Ja’Quiera.  “Tol’ you not…come back ’till y’all got a fella?”  She swayed from side to side, shifting her feet in order to keep herself from falling.  The bottle dumped brown liquid on to the carpet.

Ja’Quiera didn’t acknowledge her drunken mother, but evaded the swaying figure and darted out the front door, shouts of expletives following her out the door.  She raced down the street until she was a good ways from her house.  She’d wondered if she could take refuge with Nasha who lived in the apartments a few streets down.  She decided that would be the best place to go for the night.  After all, they were friends now!


She stopped running when she was a few yards away from the sidewalk that led up to the apartments.  Best she could remember, Nasha lived in number five.  As she got closer to the door she noticed loud music playing as well as shouts of merriment and joy.  She knocked on the door a few times before Nasha answered.  When the girl saw Ja’Quiera it took a while to realize who it was.  Finally, Nasha said, “What you doin’ here guh?”  In the background Ja’Quiera saw a lot of dancing and heard hoots and hollers.

“I was wonderin’ if I could’s stay wit’ you?”

Nasha stood silent for a few seconds, then suddenly a sly look came over her, a wry smile curving across her face.  “Oh…sure, why not?”

Ja’Quiera was more than relieved.  She entered the door into a weed-smelling room with several people dancing.  The lights were dimmed and couples aligned the walls. All the girls were preforming inappropriate dances with their boyfriends, and the essence of the room felt like it might burn up in Hell this night.  She wanted to leave immediately.  But Nasha had already shut the door and stood blocking it.  “I have someone I want you to meet,”  She said as she walked over to a couch with a young boy sitting by himself.  The boy was handsome and muscular, which would have attracted Ja’Quiera if she wasn’t in this situation.  “I’ma leave y’all to talk while I get y’all some drinks.  Sit down guh,”  She said with a smile on her face.  Ja’Quiera did what she was told and sat recoiled and tense.  The boy seemed like he felt comfortable in the situation that was occurring.

What happened next was the very thing that changed her life.  The next thing she knew she was outside with boy, his mouth leaning closer to hers.  She got drunk by a special mix Nasha gave her and was high as could be.  She couldn’t feel anything.

The night was almost over but her new life she’d thought she’d always wanted had just begun.  And  she realized this was now her new life.

She had finally come of age.

Letter from the author:  I don’t want this to be taken as pure fiction or just a plain sexual oriented story.  My story is based off of real life accounts that I have recalled over the past two years.  The world is a terrible place and things like this seem to happen regularly in my town (and everywhere), and its almost as if these things wont ever stop happening since no one is given a standard or someone who loves them enough to help them out of this slum.  Our world is growing terrible and savage.  Hope doesn’t exist in many households–this is the normal that is slowly coming to acceptance.

This is the normal that sin is pawning off to us all.  Are you accepting it?

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A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter Five: Explanatory Chapter

In the course of history, a lot of America has turned savage.  Many problems are hidden deeply beneath a ground of dirt that an administration doesn’t want the world to see.   I feel if we were to turn over every stone of suspicious activity in our country, we would find out that we are turning into a savage people.

When I say savage, I’m not necessarily referring to the word that we normally link with wild animals or the Savages in early American history, I’m saying savage in the sense that we are lacking a sound structure in every walk of life, not just our education.  We are so corrupted, I think, that we can’t even see past it when we are living in it.  I’m an amateur and I don’t have my voice yet, but these are just my honest thoughts.  Please don’t get offended in any way, I’m just DLJordan who’s writing my opinions on The Hempstead Man in the USA where freedom of the speech is slowly diminishing, but is still allowed.

Anyway, in my short story I’m writing, I’m trying to reveal some of what it’s like in a public school system.  I’ve heard countless stories that go like this very one, and yet, no authority knows it’s happening.  Many of the parents (but not all!) of various children don’t know that their children are participating in some kind of gang activity, whether it be to the most extreme or just to small vandalism activists.  They don’t know what their child is subjecting themselves to in order to be accepted by their social groups.  In my story, Ja’Quiera has a sense of morality, like all human beings possess, but she pushes it down so she can be accepted and wanted by her peers.  She will wrestle with guilt but she won’t ever have a parent–or anyone for that matter–who impresses on her to do the right thing which is the case for a lot of children anyway.  Family isn’t what it used to be.

Kudos to all parents who involve themselves with their children, and may God bless you and your family.  However, some children aren’t so lucky.  I just pray our country’s systems will change soon.

God bless and thanks for reading.  Stay tuned for the next chapter of “The Life in a Day:  This is Normal?” short story series.

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A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter Four: FRIENDS

If you missed the last chapters, click here.


She couldn’t believe what she had just done.  She’d successfully made the teacher cry and run for the sake of her humility.  And she knew no one do anything about–this happened too often for anyone to really notice.

But, this was a small price to pay for making it in with the bad girls.  She’d been accepted and now could finally live in peace.


Later in the day, Ja’Quiera sat on the bus with her two new ‘friends’ Nasha and Lydia.  They were talking about so many older-people things that all Ja’Quiera could do was listen intently.  They talked about how much time it took to do their nails while they were on the phone, and that they should totally go to the mall this Saturday.  But then, things got uncomfortable:  they turned to Ja’Quiera out of nowhere Nasha asked, “So, you got’s a fella?”

The question seemed odd considering the last sentences about the mall and such, but she answered truthfully, “No, not’chet.”

Nasha looked at Lydia who smiled wryly.  “Well,” Lydia said in a high, clever tone, “You need to get one!  How old are you?”

“I’m thirteen.”

“And you haven’t been used yet?”  Nasha said, with sincere astonishment.  The older girl didn’t say it, but by the way she said used, Ja’Quiera guessed that she meant something dirty.

“No!  Why would I wanna get pregnant anyway?”

“Guh you must be stupid.  When you get played wit, it don’t mean you get pregnant–it just means you c’ have fun.  Sometimes they’ll even pay ya’.”  Lydia answered.

Quiera felt extremely uncomfortable now, her whole body felt like it was being pricked with flaming hot needles.  “What if I don’t wanna?  What if I wanna save myself the trouble?”  She exclaimed, worried things were going south.

Nasha rolled her eyes in disgust. Huffily she said, “Guh you gonna have to grow up sometime, and if you don’t get used soon you’re gonna make me and Lydia look like we’re stupid in the head.”

From that point on she was silent, watching the two girls chatter about various, unnecessary matters that seemed futile and too far from her reach.  After all, she was skinny and weak, didn’t have a ‘booty’ like they did (apparently that was what got you a boy), and very unlike them in other ways.  She didn’t talk like they did, didn’t have the same mindset…what had she gotten in to….

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A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter Three: ON THE TEAM

If you missed the last chapters, click here to be directed to chapter two, and here to be directed to the first chapter.


“Okay e’rybody, get y’all stuff out to get to work,”  Began Mrs. Comons.  “Turn to page twenty in the boo–”

“Shut up,”  Muttered Ja’Quiera.

The teacher looked directly at the girl, her eyebrows raised.  ” ‘scuse me?”

“Got to hell.”  Ja’Quiera’s brow started to gain beads of sweat.  The classroom started to giggle and snicker.  Realizing that the teacher had been caught off guard, she decided to go in for the kill.  “What you doin’ here anyway?  Alls you ever do is talk and talk and talk and talk!  You make me wonder if there’s every gonna be a cure for fatness.”  She realized she was out of her seat now.  This was more entertaining than she’d ever thought it’d be, the crowd burst out in “Ooo’s” and “Ohhh’s”.  She swung out her left hip to the right with her arm on her side, using all of her womanly gestures to make more of a sassy scene.

The teacher let out an odd sound, like she’d choked on something.  “Now you listen her–”  Her voice was trembling, “Listen here, Ja’Quiera, you don’t talk to me–”

She screamed at the top of her lungs, “Shut up and get out of here!”

It was almost as if this was supposed to happen:  the teacher’s eyes started to water and she ran out of the classroom.  Ja’Quiera felt guilty and dirty for what she just did, but everyone was laughing so hard–surely it wasn’t that bad.  Nasha and Lydia came up to her, they were both almost collapsing with merriment.

“Dat’s what I’m sayin’, guh.  You c’ hang wit us anytime.”  The two went back to their seats laughing.

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