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A Short Story: The Life in A Day – Chapter Two: WHAT IT TAKES

“Get out my face!”  She shouted.  These two girls were a constant problem to Ja’Quiera, but today they were about to cross the line.

Ja’Quiera wasn’t a strong girl; in fact she was one of the smallest in her class.  She had a feisty attitude and could spit fire anytime, but never could she actually throw a punch and harm someone.  Their names were Nasha and Lydia, and they were some of the biggest fights that ever walked the planet.  Ja’Queira soon thought of something, suddenly.  After a few more provocative sentences, Ja’Queira was able to say something audible: “Why can’t I just hang wit y’all?”

The girls’ faces looked intrigued, and somewhat amused, but Ja’Quiera was thankful that they’d stopped the pestering.

“Hope you know how to take up for yourself,” Said Nasha.  She folded her arms and grabbed Quiera’s wrist.  She stood up and looked at the two older girls–they would now allow her to live in peace…on one condition: she would have to prove to them that she was able to hang with them by making their 5th period teacher cry.

Ja’Quiera agreed to it, but she wondered how it could be done–she’d never been a problem to her teacher, so she guessed it was time to start now.

She got her backpack from behind her in her locker and followed the snickering girls in front of her.  Her heart finally started to lighten up.  Maybe she would finally fit it!

When they made it to their classroom, she sat in her seat and waited for the teacher to start talking.  This was it!  The price of being wanted would come to her this easy?

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