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DSC_0427Daniel Jordan (The Hempstead Man) – Blogger, Photographer and a proud Texan.

While I have been called more names than one, my birth name is Daniel Lane Jordan, though I go by Daniel, Dan or DLJordan.  I am a fourteen year old boy who is a star athlete for the Seahawks!  … I wish, but no.  Rather, I am an ordinary boy who likes to write and practice photography.  I do enjoy school, that is, when it’s over.  However, I know that my form of education will get me a long ways.  I am also a fanatic of singing and songwriting.  You’ll find me writing about life…I couldn’t stay pinned to one subject. ~Daniel Jordan.

Okay, okay, so your name is Daniel and you like to write.  Big deal!  There are tons and tons of people who enjoy writing.

Yes, but I am a boy (maybe even a young man) who has a certain skill in the way I write, opposed to other kids my age.  I do enjoy it, I could even say I adore it!  However, with my schedule, I find it hard to find time to write.

Okay.  What kind of music do you like to listen to?

I like all kinds of music.  It’s just the content I find hard to agree with.  However, if I were to pick a favorite, it would be leaning more towards the pop and rap/hip-hop genre.  I enjoy piano ballads with a hard beat to it.  I enjoy writing my own songs as well and get my inspiration from Christian music, as well as secular beats.

If you published a book, and you made a fortune out of it, what would the story be about?  Would it be fiction, non-fiction…?  What would the message be?

It’d be fiction.  In fact, I’m working on a book right now!  I want to have it finished (meaning published and in the hands of a publishing house) by October 2015.  The message would be that there are two ways to live–right or wrong.  Plain or simple.  You could ruin your life by doing drugs, having a baby out of wedlock, etc..  Or you can live right for the here and now as well as later.  Here’s a snip-it of my upcoming book, Criminal Acts: Slaves of the High:

“De’Fredric James, 14: a white student at Stomping Ground School #4.  Br’Daron Cruz, 15: a black student at Stomping Ground School #4.  Both good guys, both like brothers.  Until the day Br’Daron is plucked from the school system to assist the NNI, the New Nations Imperial, in aiding the fight to eradicate False Hope–an organization that has been stirring in a rebellion with an unlikely source.  Meanwhile, De’Fredric is left alone to tussle with the Gang and Drugpushers that have taken over the school and, soon, stand head over the Brooklyn Police Department.
Both boys must distinguish between their peers what is right and wrong, and both must avoid the persecution that their decisions bring.  How long do you think they will last?  After all, peer-pressure is a terrible thing all adolescents fall short to.  But maybe the unlikely of the two will stand tall amidst the war.

Where is your favorite place to be?

I would have to say my town, Hempstead TX.  Even though the town is small, my heart for it is exactly the opposite.

Where did the name, The Hempstead Man come from?

Well, I live in the 6,000-person town called Hempstead.  It’s a distance away from Houston.  The name originated from me developing a strong identity in who I was: I was a man in Hempstead TX.  Thus, the Hempstead Man.  But really it has no significant meaning–I just thought it was catchy.

Who, or where, does your inspiration come from?

Umm…mostly from everyday life.  But most often, I sit down and start writing whatever is in my head.  You really won’t ever find a pattern in my writing–it’s sometimes literally everywhere.  Sadly I must say you can sometimes tell.  As for who I get my inspiration from, I would say other bloggers.  In this field, it’s often about the people you meet and how you can relate to them and their writing.  I have to give credit to my peers for making me better as a writer.  I wouldn’t be here without them.  And I could also say I’m inspired by my father–he is the backbone of our family and works hard to give me a good childhood.  He’s a major in English and a Pastor who graduated with a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree, as well as a professional father to me and my two siblings.  So I think I inherit my gift from him.

What are some other hobbies of yours?

I enjoy singing.  Very much.  I play the piano and have for nine years.  Not that I’m any good, but I like to think so.  I enjoy the outdoors over the indoors.  Football is a big deal in my town so I took the liberty to make it mine–I love it more than writing, but since I am home-educated, I cannot participate in the school’s league.  But when my friends are around, I tare up whatever ground we’re playing on.  It’s another passion.

As a side-note, what is your favorite football team? Major or college, either one.

I have to say I am a Texas A&M Aggie fan!  WHOOP; Gig ’em Aggies!


12 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Hi Daniel, thanks for the link to my post. Your blog looks great and I’m keen to explore more of your writing. It’s so nice to get the perspective of someone your age, I also have a who son is 15 (and his name is also Daniel!) Keep writing, keep enjoying life and school. Warmest wishes from Australia

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  2. This is wonderful. So impressive to see such a young person of your generation with such strong moral foundation and faith, humility and humour. Exceedingly commendable. Keep going. I am a seasoned and published writer, songwriter and poet. Based on your about page, if you ever want some tips just let me know k. 🙂

    But I’ll offer this (which I don’t usually do because I always ask permission before giving advice) but you mention getting inspiration from other bloggers.

    To be a real writer basically comes down to this:

    Write. Write. Write.
    Read. Read Read.

    Also, find your ‘Voice’. This takes time and will emerge organically if you do the work.

    The wise words of Allen GInsberg one of America’s greatest poets: First Thought, Best Thought.

    Thus, as little editing as possible, it’s usually best the first you you just let it flow from you, without over analyzing or ‘efforting’.

    And as Ezra Pound, the greatest Modernist Poet, ‘Write what you Know’

    Hope you find that helpful, and I look forward to seeing your writing evolve and mature.

    Peace out!!!.

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