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A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter Three: ON THE TEAM

If you missed the last chapters, click here to be directed to chapter two, and here to be directed to the first chapter.


“Okay e’rybody, get y’all stuff out to get to work,”  Began Mrs. Comons.  “Turn to page twenty in the boo–”

“Shut up,”  Muttered Ja’Quiera.

The teacher looked directly at the girl, her eyebrows raised.  ” ‘scuse me?”

“Got to hell.”  Ja’Quiera’s brow started to gain beads of sweat.  The classroom started to giggle and snicker.  Realizing that the teacher had been caught off guard, she decided to go in for the kill.  “What you doin’ here anyway?  Alls you ever do is talk and talk and talk and talk!  You make me wonder if there’s every gonna be a cure for fatness.”  She realized she was out of her seat now.  This was more entertaining than she’d ever thought it’d be, the crowd burst out in “Ooo’s” and “Ohhh’s”.  She swung out her left hip to the right with her arm on her side, using all of her womanly gestures to make more of a sassy scene.

The teacher let out an odd sound, like she’d choked on something.  “Now you listen her–”  Her voice was trembling, “Listen here, Ja’Quiera, you don’t talk to me–”

She screamed at the top of her lungs, “Shut up and get out of here!”

It was almost as if this was supposed to happen:  the teacher’s eyes started to water and she ran out of the classroom.  Ja’Quiera felt guilty and dirty for what she just did, but everyone was laughing so hard–surely it wasn’t that bad.  Nasha and Lydia came up to her, they were both almost collapsing with merriment.

“Dat’s what I’m sayin’, guh.  You c’ hang wit us anytime.”  The two went back to their seats laughing.

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A Short Story: The Life in A Day – Chapter Two: WHAT IT TAKES

“Get out my face!”  She shouted.  These two girls were a constant problem to Ja’Quiera, but today they were about to cross the line.

Ja’Quiera wasn’t a strong girl; in fact she was one of the smallest in her class.  She had a feisty attitude and could spit fire anytime, but never could she actually throw a punch and harm someone.  Their names were Nasha and Lydia, and they were some of the biggest fights that ever walked the planet.  Ja’Queira soon thought of something, suddenly.  After a few more provocative sentences, Ja’Queira was able to say something audible: “Why can’t I just hang wit y’all?”

The girls’ faces looked intrigued, and somewhat amused, but Ja’Quiera was thankful that they’d stopped the pestering.

“Hope you know how to take up for yourself,” Said Nasha.  She folded her arms and grabbed Quiera’s wrist.  She stood up and looked at the two older girls–they would now allow her to live in peace…on one condition: she would have to prove to them that she was able to hang with them by making their 5th period teacher cry.

Ja’Quiera agreed to it, but she wondered how it could be done–she’d never been a problem to her teacher, so she guessed it was time to start now.

She got her backpack from behind her in her locker and followed the snickering girls in front of her.  Her heart finally started to lighten up.  Maybe she would finally fit it!

When they made it to their classroom, she sat in her seat and waited for the teacher to start talking.  This was it!  The price of being wanted would come to her this easy?

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A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter One: THE BEGINNINGS OF NORMAL

Her dream woke her from the few hours of sleep she normally got each day before school.  Today wasn’t going to be different, in fact, different wasn’t really a word in her vocabulary–it was a constant normal that never introduced anything new in her life.

Her name was Ja’Quiera Williams, a thirteen-year-old 8th grader.  Her life was alike everyone else’s in Hamilton Falls; nothing new, nothing old, just the same as everyday.  She rubbed her ashy skin–she needed lotion, but she had none in the house.  She wondered if there’d be any food in the pantry.  There would be, if she was lucky.

First she would wake up at six o’clock every morning to get dressed, avoid her hung-over, single mother and scavenge for a meal before heading off to school.  However, today she wasn’t as lucky to make it past her mother.  She was about to walk out the door when her backpack was yanked off of her and thrown backwards.  She turned to her half-intoxicated mother who’s smile was everything but appealing.  “Quiera, give yo mama a hung, baby doll!”

The girl wanted nothing more than to leave her rat-infested house.  But, she knew her mother wouldn’t let her until she gave her what she wanted.  She lightly embraced her mother, then let go as soon as possible but was held up.  Her mother pulled her close to her mouth; she whispered: “It’s time you grow up, doll.  Go find yourself’v a bo’bo, ask him if he wants you for a night.  Why, I done got started even early than you.”  The mixture of her mother’s odor and the terrifying suggestion almost made Ja’Queira fainted at her mother’s suggestion.  She didn’t want to be pregnant yet!  After all that she’s seen happen to those poor girls when their baby’s daddy leaves them with a child, she could hardly stand there for another minute!

Soon realizing that her mother wouldn’t let her go until she gave the correct answer, she said, “Okay.”  But there was no momentum in her words.  She grabbed her backpack and darted out the door to catch the bus before it sped off in a frenzy for the next stop.


To be continued.
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