A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter Four: FRIENDS

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She couldn’t believe what she had just done.  She’d successfully made the teacher cry and run for the sake of her humility.  And she knew no one do anything about–this happened too often for anyone to really notice.

But, this was a small price to pay for making it in with the bad girls.  She’d been accepted and now could finally live in peace.


Later in the day, Ja’Quiera sat on the bus with her two new ‘friends’ Nasha and Lydia.  They were talking about so many older-people things that all Ja’Quiera could do was listen intently.  They talked about how much time it took to do their nails while they were on the phone, and that they should totally go to the mall this Saturday.  But then, things got uncomfortable:  they turned to Ja’Quiera out of nowhere Nasha asked, “So, you got’s a fella?”

The question seemed odd considering the last sentences about the mall and such, but she answered truthfully, “No, not’chet.”

Nasha looked at Lydia who smiled wryly.  “Well,” Lydia said in a high, clever tone, “You need to get one!  How old are you?”

“I’m thirteen.”

“And you haven’t been used yet?”  Nasha said, with sincere astonishment.  The older girl didn’t say it, but by the way she said used, Ja’Quiera guessed that she meant something dirty.

“No!  Why would I wanna get pregnant anyway?”

“Guh you must be stupid.  When you get played wit, it don’t mean you get pregnant–it just means you c’ have fun.  Sometimes they’ll even pay ya’.”  Lydia answered.

Quiera felt extremely uncomfortable now, her whole body felt like it was being pricked with flaming hot needles.  “What if I don’t wanna?  What if I wanna save myself the trouble?”  She exclaimed, worried things were going south.

Nasha rolled her eyes in disgust. Huffily she said, “Guh you gonna have to grow up sometime, and if you don’t get used soon you’re gonna make me and Lydia look like we’re stupid in the head.”

From that point on she was silent, watching the two girls chatter about various, unnecessary matters that seemed futile and too far from her reach.  After all, she was skinny and weak, didn’t have a ‘booty’ like they did (apparently that was what got you a boy), and very unlike them in other ways.  She didn’t talk like they did, didn’t have the same mindset…what had she gotten in to….

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7 thoughts on “A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter Four: FRIENDS

  1. I’ll be honest with you, you are an excellent story writer, HANDS DOWN! But this Ja’Quiera girl has me stumped. The way she acted to the teacher it seems to me she would not be a “good girl” like she seems to be in this page. In fact, I was wondering if maybe she got a lot of abuse at home and why she was so abusive to the teacher. It seems she has turned from a mean despicable girl to a soft “good” girl. I’m not sure that I can make it “realistic” in my mind. But you got a good story going here and I am looking forward to the next pages.

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